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Helping nonprofits thrive in a tech-driven world

We’re for a digitally-enabled nonprofit sector, where Canada’s diverse nonprofits use data and tech to advance their mission and multiply their impact

A Holistic Approach

Research & knowledge mobilzation

Public policy

Grantmaker practices

Digital literacy & skills

Shared platforms, tools, & standards

Vendor relationships

Data standards & infrastructure

Access and connectivity

We help nonprofits adopt new technologies

The effective use of technology combined with strong digital leadership and capacity can help nonprofits reach their clients and funders more easily. But nonprofits that want to make the digital leap find themselves with only limited and uncoordinated support.

The Canadian Centre for Nonprofit Digital Resilience exists to bridge this gap. 



For Nonprofits

Assessment: Take the free Tech Accelerate technology assessment.

Courses and Certificates: Enroll in online courses leading to Professional Certifications. Learn the Fundamentals of OCAP®.

Software: Access free/discounted software and courses from TechSoup Canada.

Data practices: Implement PolicyWise’s Data Lifecycle and Demographic Datapedia and Common Approach to Impact Measurement’s standards. Learn about OCAP® and Information Governance from First Nations Information Governance Centre.

Fundraising: Access fundraising solutions for charities from CanadaHelps and Grant Connect.

Executive and board director training: Contact us for customized Digital Leadership training.

For Grantmakers

Grantee capacity-building: Invest in your grantees’ digital resilience through our six-month Nonprofit Tech Readiness Program for cohorts of up to 20 nonprofits. Our proven methodology combines training, one-on-one coaching, and project-specific support. Cohorts can be focused by geography, organizational mission, or anticipated technology project.

Application Review: Engage the Technology Review Desk to assess technology projects/technology components of grant applications to make informed decisions and good investments.

Contact us for details.

Access resources for funders on How to Fund Nonprofit Tech from Technology Association of Grantmakers.

For Policymakers

Research: See CanadaHelps’ Report Are Canada’s Charities Ready for Digital Transformation? and Observatoire Québécois des inégalités Report on the Digital Transformation of Quebec’s nonprofits. From the US, A Responsibility to Rebuild offers insights on how to invest in digital infrastructure. 

Jurisdictional Scan: See Catalyst in the UK and Digital Transformation Hub in Australia.

Digital Equity: See NTEN’s Equity Guide for Nonprofit Technology and CIRA’s Report Unconnected.

Contact us for policy-ready research and funding program design support.

Help Us Support Canada’s Nonprofits

This is a big challenge. But with the right people around the table, we can help nonprofits thrive.


Become an advisor
Advisors join one or more working groups and provide ad hoc advice to advance the Centre's work.
They represent the diversity of nonprofits, offer insights from the private and public sectors, and share local, national, and global perspectives.


Become a supporter
Supporting organizations share the Centre's vision of a digitally-enabled nonprofit sector.
Supporters' logos will be displayed on the Centre's website and they will be invited to partner on initiatives relevant to their expertise. No funding commitment is required.

Building the Cybersecurity and Resilience of Canada’s Nonprofit Sector

Our latest report explores the cybersecurity threats challenging nonprofits.

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Who’s Involved?

The Centre’s founding organizations share technical expertise, community roots, and a passion for helping nonprofits thrive.

A member-led organization dedicated to providing Canadians with confidence in the responsible design, architecture, and management of digital technologies.

Develops and supports collaborative strategies that engage citizens and institutions to solve major community issues across Canada and beyond. 

We can change the world when we change our approach to technology. NTEN helps you do your job better, so you can make the world a better place. 

The Social Economy through Social Inclusion (SETSI) model aims to tell a story, change minds, shift perspectives, and grow communities.

Bolsters the charities, nonprofits and social entrepreneurs that build, enrich and define our nation and the communities they support around the globe.



Working Principles

How We Work

How We Approach Technology

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